Sunday, December 06, 2009

Midnight Singapore

I was outside Vivocity shopping mall in the wee hours of Saturday morning. By ‘wee hours’, I mean the hours past midnight. It was around 2.30 am then and there seemed to be a concert going on outside the shopping mall with dozens of people moving around and loud music blasting away!

On closer look, I realized it was the busy scene of event contractors setting up the tentage, stage, decoration and everything necessary for an upcoming event. I am not too sure what the event is, but judging by what I have seen with the theme of the event centering on football, I believe the event has something to do with World Cup 2010! If you are interested, you may want to travel to the shopping centre and take a look, provided the event has not ended.

I am not a midnight owl thus staying past midnight outsides of home offered me interesting insights of Singapore. Most of us sleep during these early morning hours, unknown to the happenings in Singapore during these times. In Vivocity shopping mall, I saw many works taking place at the mall, which has since became as silent as a graveyard past 2 a.m. There were cleaners sprucing up the mall to usher in a clean and hygienic shopping mall for visitors come yet another brand new day tomorrow. In some of the outlets in the mall, there were also scores of people doing renovation works to the outlets. I guess these are definitely the times where cleaning and renovation works to the shopping centre malls and its outlets can take place as during the day, shopping malls are open for businesses and there are just too many people around.

My wife and I took the Nightrider bus home which plied along the many streets of Singapore for 2 hours before we reached home! To be frank, though the Nightrider bus can save commuters tens of dollars of dollars, the waiting times for these buses as well as the bus journey times are real lengthy. I can complain no more as I took this opportunity to see the streets of Singapore and its happenings past midnight.

The nightrider bus my wife and I took was filled with party-goers and pubbers who had enough of the fun at these entertainment spots and decided to hit home. A group of these pubbers treated the bus like their home, laughing and playing stupid jokes nosily, much to the annoy of others passengers.

The bus looped around Orchard road where late night owls filled the bus to three-quarters of its capacity. At subsequent stops, when the bus opened, only a handful of passengers could take the bus, as the passengers standing in the bus did not want to move in to the rear and the bus driver did not do any much to remedy the situation, except for broadcasting the automated voice message which encouraged passengers to move into the rear of the bus. I felt the passengers who did not want to move their bums into the rear of the bus were really being downright inconsiderate as they deprived an opportunity for others to board the bus, go home and sleep early. What an inconsiderate bunch of self-centred people; those who could not board the bus due to their inconsiderate actions had to wait for another half hour at the least for another bus!

As the bus trailed around the streets of Singapore, I could see that the streets of Singapore post midnight were void of people, except for some people strolling here and there, some groups of youngsters sitting around aimlessly and a small group of the homeless and destitute sleeping on the streets.

As the man trailed on and on, it was soon 4 a.m and I could see coffeeshops starting to open up and prepare for the businesses ahead. Entering Geylang, I could see that its slew of eateries and snack shops were still mostly operating as many of these eateries are open 24/7. I also caught a quick glimpse of some creatures of the night: prostitutes plying along the street, aiming for their next targets.

At last, we reached our home after a long bus journey! I think it is better to sleep during the night because it really took a toll on one’s bodies to stay awake at times when the body is ‘scheduled’ to repair itself.

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