Thursday, December 24, 2009

Horoscope reading

Today is Christmas eve, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Year 2010 is coming very fast, it is time for many to check out their horoscope readings to get a glimpse at what the new year will bring to them.

Personally, I am not a keen believer in Horoscopes, nevertheless, I do still read horoscopes as some of these bad forecasts mentioned in these readings can really serve as timely reminders for one to take stock of our lives and improve in certain arenas. Here is one good website for you to check your horoscope and astrology readings for year 2010:

If you have some time and are interested, you may also want to find out what is in store for the world in the coming 2010. When it comes to such forecast, the prognosis is always very bad. There is a host of doomsayers predicting macabre scenes embracing the world, the spectre of world war III, among others. If you have time, do read this website where some of the predictions are really interesting.

Oh no, today is Christmas eve and tomorrow is Christmas day! I will be getting flak with all those gloomy and macabre postings of horrible work stories and forecasts. Don’t worry, let me do some remedy!

I will be posting what it is like to celebrate Christmas in Singapore! Ya, based on my outing with my Dear wife as we would be going out to a number of places these few days! Though Singapore is small, I must really applaud the government and authorities for coming out with a slew of Christmas events and attractions that is uniquely Singaporean! They have done their part, now is time for me to take my camera with me to the various Christmas happenings in Singapore and share them with the rest of the world and you!

Singapore Short Stories would like to wish all Singaporeans and friends of the world a Merry Christmas!

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