Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sylvia Ratonel crowned Singapore Idol 2009

The Singapore Idol 2009 finals will be held tonight at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It is now a battle between the sexes with the remaining two contestants Sylvia Ratonel and Sezairi vying for the top honor of Singapore Idol 2009.

I do not following Singapore Idol since its debut in year 2004. It was the same for the second season in 2006 and the current third season this year. I can sense that the craze and fever for Singapore Idol is not as high as in the first season, it definitely seems quieter now, except for the previous two weeks when there was a media publicity blitz on the final two contestants and the finale of this season of Singapore Idol to be held tonight.I am not a fan of Singapore Idol and I have not really followed each season of the Singapore.

My gut feeling will be Sylvia as I believe overall she has the X-factor to be the third Singapore Idol after Taufik and Hady, as such I have titled this post as above. However, the ball is in the court of the viewers as they would have the power to decide who they want as Singapore Idol by telepolling. The winner will be the contestant with the most number of polls.

I believe my prediction will materialise in 3 hours time though it will then be time that I grudgingly hit bed, amidst the celebrations of Sylvia's fans, for tomorrow will be the start of work after a much-deserved long break.

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