Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to renew your National Library books?

Are you a book buff like me? If so, it is highly likely that you are a regular visitor to the many great, quality and comfortable libraries scattered throughout our island.

Do you know that now you can borow up to 6 books item, inclusive of a maximum of 2 audio visual materials from the libraries with effect from July this year? And from April this year, there is a one-time free renewal for all library materials so that library members can renew the library materials for a longer loan period at no additional cost and avoid incurring overdue library charges if they require more time to read the book or magazine.

Singapore Short Stories really welcome these revisions to the National Library Board's policies. As a working adult, who loves embracing knowledge, I hit the libraries regularly and it is really a chore to rush through the books I borrow within the initial borrowing period of 3 weeks.

I have some library books with me now which are due to be returned next week. The problem is I have not completed reading one of these books and I would hence need to go about renewing the book, luckily for free the first time. I reckon this first time free renewal would grant me sufficient time to complete reading my book.

I have not renewed National Library books before, as such, I took on the onerous task to find out exactly how I can renew my books. Finally, I learnt that in order to renew the books you borrowed, you must first log in to your account first at

after your login, you will be able to view the books you have borrowed and you will be able to click those which you require renewing and hit the 'renew' button. The renewal process is simple though not direct (as in no direct renew link or instructions on how to go about renewing in National Library Board website).

I surmise a number of Singaporeans may also be at a loss when it comes to online renewal of their National Library books, hence I hope my post on it will help.

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