Friday, February 04, 2011

The revival of the $2 Hongbao

I thought $2 as an angbao is a dying trend. I thought $4 is the minimum. I thought the Singapore economy is doing well, or at least it is not downturn for Singapore's economy. I thought this and that but when I received a $2 Hongbao, I was SHOCKED!

When I opened the Hong Bao, I did not believe my eyes! I tried to kid myself that I was tired. I tried to believe that it is a $10 note with a irregular colour shade. My finger shivered as I prised over the single note in the Ang Bao akin to the feeling I got when I remove a xxx cockroach (oh, Chinese New Year, should not mention anything horrible). When I finally saw the note, I was stunned! Ya it was a legal tender $2 note!

Can anyone tell me who is the recreator of this $2 note? I suspect it is one of my aunties.

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