Tuesday, February 08, 2011

AOL bought Huffingtonpost blog for US $315 million! How much is your blog worth?

Huffington post , world's number 1 blog (Alexa rank is 127, Google Pagerank is 8!) has been bought over by AOL for a whopping US $315 million! Wow, I never know that a blog can be valued at such high price. But Hufffington post, being Huffington post is really an immensely successful blog. Some readers of Huffington post are up in arms for the buy over and I really hope that Huffington post can truly add value to AOL.

Facebook, in recent days is also looking at listing and some say Facebook is valued at $500 million. If you have a highly great value blog, how much do you value it?

For me, this blog of mine is worth $15,500 according to http://biznut.co.uk/.

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