Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sentosa Flowers 2011 Spring Wonderland

My wife and I visited Sentosa Flowers 2011 this afternoon. We used the new Sentosa Boardwalk from Vivocity Level 1 and enjoyed a brand new way to enter Sentosa Island! The admission fee from this walk-in is just $1, paidable by EZ link card.

When we were on the island, we were at a loss on how to get to Sentosa Flowers 2011. I asked a guide at the visitor centre who gave us some directions. The Sentosa Flowers is held at the Merlion Park, a stone's throw away from Universal Studios!

What greeted us before we took the escalator from Resort World to Merlion Park were the 12 zodiac animal signs weaved together using flowers. My Dear and I took photos after photos, especially of us posing with our animal signs. Thereafter, we proceeded to Merlion Park.

There are quite a number of loving flowers but I thought it was not too many as compared to last year. Again, I was a tad disappointed as akin to the River Hongbao, the scale of this year event has visibily shrank.

The event is also quite commercialized with many commercial photographers on standby to take photos, developing them and charging a premium for these photos. We saw many international tourists visting the Flowers fair and hence the whole event venue was congested.

It drizzled half-way our walk but my wife and I had more or less checked out the event venue by then as I had mentioned before, it was not that big. The train to Vivocity was congested and so were the trams, so we walked along the Sentosa Board Walk back, using the slew of travellators, which allevated some of our tiredness in our legs.

Okay, now my wife and I had visited Chinatown, River Hongbao and Sentosa Flowers, the 3 signature places to visit during Chinese New Year, it is time for us to rest at home tomorrow before heading back to work as usual.

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