Sunday, February 20, 2011

Running and Life: Singapore Park Connectors

I lead a sedentary lifestyle at work. Sitting and facing the computer whole day, I have developed quite a sedentary lifestyle. Coming back home after a stressful and hectic workday day after day, I am too tired for exercises these days: I have also been kept busy by my personal committments.
However, on Friday (just two days ago), I decided to jog once again. This time, I planned to jog on a completely different route via the park connectors! I jogged all the way from my home, via the parkconnectors to hit almost East Coast Park! It was an hour jog.  Along the way, very scenic and green environments embraced me as I jogged along the comfortable park connectors. Many families and friends were also having fun relaxing and interacting on the park connectors. Breezes help to elevate that comfortable and great feeling!

The Singapore park connectors is really an excellent project! With park connectors, one can really walk, cycle or jog from one end of the Singapore to another end! These park connectors also offer a reprieve for many Singaporeans from their hectic workstyles, a venue for interaction and a place to embrace nature. Singapore park connectors give Singaporeans an excellent place to work out and bond as one healthy and active citizen!

I am looking forward to jog on these park connectors again, and have enough stamina to jog from my house to East Coast Park. I am not sure whether these park connectors can lead me to the Marina Bay Sands! It would be great to end my jog from my house, looking at the scenic and show-stopping scenary of our Marina Bay area.

So, readers, if you are bored of shopping among the crowds every weekend, pick up your jogging shoes or bicycle and start your great jog along the park connectors today. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated like me!

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