Monday, February 07, 2011

Look who is doing parrallel parking!

With more and more barriers up on MRT platforms, I observed in quite a number of instance, our MRT trains performing "parallel parking". With the barriers, the MRT train now need to be aligned more exactly when stopping at the platform for the boarding and alighting of passengers.

One thing I find discomforting about our MRT train system is that the security officers at the station close to my house seem only to stop and check passengers tugging a big luggage. I think the mentality of terrorists hiding explosives in big luggages, detonating these explosives is already outdated. Now those deadly devices may become more and more minature and less predictable in order to prevent detection.

Hence, I think next time I go aboard and travel by plane, I will hail a taxi instead of taking a train: it is so much a hassle to unpack to prove to the authorities that my luggage case contains no explosives.

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