Monday, February 07, 2011

Coffee Price increase and Food Prices in Singapore go Up, Up, Up

Global food prices and commodities prices are on the ascent. Commodities and food prices are pushed up with the increasing global demand, especially from emerging countries. The anomaly of weather also threatens supply and further pushes prices up!
In Singapore, the consumer price index goes higher recently and inflation seems not to be receding soon. The price of coffee and tea goes up by ten cents in many coffee shops in recent days.

Recently, I bought an Old Chang Kee curry puff after a long 'hiatus' of not eating. I was shocked! A curry puff now costs $1.30! Last time, some years ago, I paid just $0.80 for an Old Chang Kee curry puff, then the price went up to $1, $1.20 and now $1.30! This price increase is inevitable. The increase is found not only in the price of curry puffs but also in many household items and food. This is due to inflation and price increases of global food and commodities. As a result of inflation and price increases of food, now our money is getting smaller. It is hence no wonder many Singaporeans are learning investing.

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