Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Singapore Short Stories Chinese New Year 2011 message

Today is eve of Chinese New Year. Again, another year flies in the flash of an eye. I have lots to say, lots to blog, about Chinese New Year and myself, but I have lots to do these days: Spring Cleaning, buying of new clothes, goodies and decorations that I have not much time to spend blogging on this blog.

Today is a half day of work for many, I suppose. For investors and traders, today is a half day of trading too. I wake up, body aching from the spring cleaning chores carried out yesterday. It is a good ache from all the spring cleaning. I emphasize very much on spring cleaning as I believe in purging all the old things and welcoming as well as embracing new things.

I seldom do housework and hence even from a simple chore of washing and cleaning windows, I have learnt lots like how to clean the windows effectively without any trace of dirt. There is a good technique to clean windows without dirt and that is to use magazine pages after the initial round of wet washing. This is something that some may know already but to a novice window cleaner like me, I take few hours to clean just some window panes.

Coming back to Chinese New Year, it is with the same spirit of learning that I will apply to the coming Chinese New Year. I still remember the Chinese New Year last year, my wife and I strolled to the Singapore River before the Chinatown New Year countdown. Looking at the Singapore River in front of me, I contemplated a few things that we need to settle for in the Chinese New Year 2010. A year later, this day, most of the things we have accomplished, and my Chinese New Year resolutions for the coming Chinese New Year 2011 would be to build my career (something I failed till now) and family.

In the coming Chinese New Year, I wish to have more luck, especially Career luck. It will hence call for sheer amounts of diligence and perseverance which I have committed throughout my life. I will only hope that my career luck and luck in all aspects will improve in the coming Chinese New Year 2011!

I wish all readers a Happy Chinese New Year and may all dreams and endeavours be realised!

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