Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Day 2011

Today is Valentine Day. If you are reading this post today, I hope you have celebrated Valentine Day well. If not, it is still okay. I find Valentine Day, like many other events, already very commercialized. Restaurants, flowers and gift shops should be the main beneficiaries of Valentine Day consumers.
I was with my wife at a shop yesterday. It was a good gesture for the shop to present to us a stalk of rose after we had made our purchases. I was elated for the shop helped me to come up with a stalk of rose! At this time, you may label me stingy but it is okay. Anyway if there is no free rose, I would still buy a stalk or bouquet of roses for my lovely wife no matter how much it costs.
This is a good gesture of the shop. A simple touch means a lot to the customers and it leaves a lasting good impression.

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