Friday, February 04, 2011

Chinese New Year: when too much words are spoken!

Chinese New Year is a time when we meet our relatives, some of whom we have not met for years or months. As I have shared with you in yesterday post, I have not met my relatives whom I visited yesterday for a year and hence it can be quite boring because there is no real topic to discuss.

As usual, the set up in my uncle's house is the same: my aunties' husbands would be seated in the same arrangement with their kids, glued to the TV set while my uncles and aunties would be walking around, enjoying some food and drinks while talking about any topic they can raise. The arrangement is always like that for years! I find it amusing that the seating arrangement of my aunts' husbands and children are the same.

When I rang the door bell, the younger cousins looked at me and asked "Who is he?, I do not know him" It then took an uncle to come to the door to "acknowledge" me as a kin. I felt embarrassed, nevertheless I went in with my wife and exchanged some New Year greetings and mandarin oranges. Then we got seated, talked when some uncles and aunties initated conversation and ate when offered food.

My third aunt as usual is very expressive and keeps talking and talking about some topics, some of which are quite 'lame' and when she spoked some nonsense yesterday, that was when 'World War III" broke out.

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