Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How to be rich?

I have just completed reading the first book of this year. It is about how to become rich. In the book, the author advocated all of us to listen to our inner soul and do the things we love and are passionate about for a living.
The author came from a humble background, founding her business when she was broke. I think in today’s Singapore, when more and more Singaporeans are more educated, it is more difficult for them to let loose of their education and become entrepreneurs. I mean, when one studies so hard for so many years just to get a degree, he has already decided to clinch a well paying job and be an employee. Many graduates will feel ‘wasted’ for switching to entrepreneurship. On the converse, when one has not much of an education, he will feel the natural drive and has the utmost gut to try all, fail all and either make it or break it.However these days, an increasing number of youths are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, testing their ideas and pitting against the big boys.
To earn big monies in Singapore, beside becoming a successful entrepreneur, one can have the following options: study hard and be a scholar, enter into well-paying professions such as lawyers and consultant doctors, be successful in sales (think of multimillionaire property and insurance agents for an example), inherit a fortune if your parents are wealthy, strike the Big Sweep or become a successful investor and trader; if not one has to prove his worth at work and earn that promotion.
Everyone has dreams to make it big in life. But the problem is that most of us spend too much of our waking hours making ends meet, coming home to be too tired to do anything much except to care for the family and relax… that is hence one has no time to make baby steps towards improving his or her own life.
To succeed in life, I believe some hard work daily is needed. The ability to dream big and act on the dreams is key.

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