Thursday, February 17, 2011

Singapore Budget 2011: my wish list

Singapore Budget 2011 is tomorrow. Singapore Budget 2011 is also a day I reflect on my budget! So today, I look at my bank savings. I feel uncomfortable today looking at my bank account. I am a saver but I have to spend for the basic necessities and my bank savings now do not look impressive.
My wish list for Singapore Budget 2011:

a) Cut GST from 7% to 5%
b) Offer Singaporeans a 10% rebate for a year in utilities and town council conservancy charges
c) Offer a cash award of $10,000 for every baby born
d) Offer housing rebate of $60,000 for resales flat and $50,000 for new flat
e) HDB housing mortage loan interest to lower to just 1.5%
f) CPF Ordinary saving account interest to go up to 3.5%, Special account to go up to 6.5%
g) Invest in $10 million to teach investment education in Secondary school, during Secondary 3, cultivating a nation of brilliant investors
h) Mandate banks to pay at least 0.5% interest
i) Regulating financial products
j) asking the 80,000 ++ millionaires in Singapore with a US $1 million worth (excluding housing) to donate just 1% of their net work. Translate (1 US$=$1.28), this will work out to be $1 billion! This $1 billion to save the poor
k)(put your wish list here)

There, above is my WISH LIST for Budget 2011!

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