Saturday, February 05, 2011

3rd day of Chinese New Year

I woke up quite late today, but I was glad for I managed to sleep through at least 8 hours! During working days, I only managed to clock in at the very most 6 hours of sleep. I am always drained out mentally and physically at work as a result of looking at the computer screen and having to bear the many office politics and sucking up of other colleagues to the directors. There are so many office undercurrents played by those colleagues who do nothing at work except play office politics, carry the balls of directors, bad mouthing colleagues and having nothing much to do at work except to indulge in all of these office vice and playing computer.
I am very happy these few days as I can be away not seeing these colleagues and unfair bosses who reward workers who suck their balls. One of my hope for this Chinese New Year is that these colleagues will soon understand what Karma is all about.

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