Monday, November 15, 2010

Singapore Hair Loss Support Group Blog Down

I feel sad today. One of my blog, which is one of top Singapore’s hair loss support blog was down yet again! But do not worry, this is now the new blog!

My earlier Hair Loss Blog is hosted on Blogger. From time to time, Google will misunderstood my blog to be spam blog and hence locks it for some time only to be released later.

An award winning blogger once told me and a room full of audience not to really get a Blogger blog as he has similar experiences as me. Having experience many regular shutdowns of my Blogger blogs, I have more or less decided to go for a self-hosting of m own blog in future to prevent such blog locking incident again.

I mean as a regular blogger who have taken pain and efforts to blog and share with your readers the things that interest them, it would be shocking one day to see your blog disappearing from the internet world from Blogger’s action. Hence I would like to advise all users of Blogger to start to backup their blog post and blog template now, so that it would not be to late should their blog be shut down by Blogger too.

In the mean time, visit my new hair loss blog now!

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