Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Guitaring Student at Bugis MRT Station.. you may want to help him if you pass by Bugis MRT tomorrow!

I was walking towards Bugis MRT station at around 5.30 pm today when I noticed a young female student in uniform seated just outside the MRT ground escalator 'dungeon', looking lost. Then I noticed an equally young male student in his uniform drumming on his guitar, with a cardboard on the ground. He was drumming hard and furious, belting out some latest hits. In this cardboard were a slew of dollar notes and coins, and a hard to miss note: "Raising money for my college education".

When I first saw the young man, I did not notice for what cause he was solicting money, little did I know that he was raising money for his colleage education, I meant the note was placed quite a distance from him just before I got into the MRT 'dungeon'.

Poor Kid, he might have run into some financial difficulty and hence he might be trying his best to fund his college education. I think this kid will be very successful in future as he is bold enough to solict funds in such an open manner. Critics of me would say that when a man has no money, he will resort to anything including crimes or immoral trade.

I did not have a chance to drop him a dollar coin as encouragement, neither did I have the chance to ask him what difficulty he ran into. If you run into him tomorrow at Bugis MRT station, please help me ask him and if the cause is good, you may want to help him with a dollar too!.. provided he is there again!

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