Friday, November 05, 2010

of Rush and Rashes

These fews days, I led a hectic life of rushing work here and there. These few days, I had developed some rashes on my hands and legs. I guess it must be the rushing of work that causes my rashes. Rashes are caused by bacteria and my antidote to curing my itchiness is using the time-honoured snake powder (medicated talcum power).

I bought the powder bottle reluctantly at Guardian because shops like Guardian do not sell things deemed cheap to me. Anyway, the itchiness was killing me and I needed to act fast by buying the bottle fast, regardless of whether it comes from a more pricier shop or not.

I bathed and in accordance with the instructions on the talcum bottle, I sprinkled the powder on my body while it is still wet (from bathing) and the effect is marvellous!

I still recalled the last time I used such snake powder was years ago during my National Service days. I wondered how I could survive days in the jungles without bathing and being clothed in an ocean of sweat. We had "Powder bath" in the midst of the jungles, as well as change of underwears and uniforms among the bushes.

Though my National Service Days were hard, I was proud to have scaled the mountains of several Asian countries with heavy weapons and armour on, as well as surviving the merciliess hot sun, unrelentless mosquitos.

Apart from the important leson of protecting our country, one important value that I learnt from my National Day stint is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, something which I embrace till today!

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