Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Chance encounter with a gangster (friend) after 9 years

Just last Saturday, a youth was slashed to death by a group of teens at Downtown East after a ''staring" incident.

Back in my National Service days, I spent some time with a group of heavily-tabooed '"not so good" men who went in and out of detention barracks, committed heroin and some minor crimes. Do not get me wrong, I am a good person, just that by twist of fate, I had to live with them for some time, after being channeled to a particular unit.

I still recall one such "not so good" mate in my National Service Day. One fine day, our roads crossed and we were locked in a heated arguement. In anger, he called his handphone to ask his bunch of men to come and "teach me a lesson". I did not fidget, when I heard that and saw him taking on the phone about this. I was then confident that I can strike his gang back with my good unarmed combat.

In the end, his men did not come and I did not bother to ask why. This guy, though ugly and only had up to primary 6 education, had a glib tongue. In the barracks, he boasted about how he has hooked up with many many girls including an air-hostess, a music overseas graduate and so on and so forth and boast about his gang here and there.

Fast forward 9 years later, I think I saw him in the afternoon at a particular public place. There was a bald man seated not far from me, giving me a gentle smile, after doing some heavy deliveries of goods, his smile kept me guessing. Not knowing him, I did not reciprocate and walked off. But after thinking back, I think it must be him, the gangster friend I had in the past, who had challenged me and whom I had on hindsight, impulsively rose to the challenge.

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