Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Musing from a Mcdonald Lunch

I had Big Mac Meal for lunch today. With a Big Mac Meal at McDonald costing $5, I must tell you folks that this meal is a luxury for me. I earn a modest income, hence I always justify for such an expensive meal.

Strange enough, when I was schooling in Secondary School, I had more fast food than now when I am working. I attributed this to the fact that now I am working and I have come to treasure each and every cent I earn painstakingly and how they are to be used. In the past when I was schooling, I just need to rely on the income of my parents and fast food is not a problem.

Every time I go out, I am intrigued by how rich our kids have become. They spend like nobody’s business on restaurant meals costing minimum $20 a meal! They must have come from better than average families, or possibly millionaire households (in Singapore we have 122,000 such families).

As I tucked into my burger and fries, I recalled an experiment which showed how indestructible the burgers and fries are: they remain flawless even after months. Images of the unrelentless pleadings for mercy from the cows before they were slaughtered surfaced too. I see images of obese American munching on hamburgers like wolves salivating the sheep and then images of people exercising out and getting heart attacks.

Did these images and thoughts deter me from putting that beef into my mouth? Hmm not really. I do not care any less as I enjoy these meals only on an occasional basis.

Every McDonald meal I partake makes me happy. After the Big Mac meal, I feel happy rather than sinful. McDonalds meals seem to incorporate some chemical ingredients that make diners happy. That makes Mcdonald an enduring brand like coke which makes drinkers happy too.

A blogger commented why I need so much money on my previous post and how it would benefit mankind. I am not concerned about making money, I am concerned about pursuing my ideas and ambitions and passion. Money will come to you from your passions, if you do not give up! Definitely who do not want to be rich and contented? One day if I become rich, I will definitely donate more to our community and help the poor and the needy.

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