Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Singapore MRT stories

Today, I gave up a seat to an old uncle. I stood up from my seat and walked towards the old man, signalled to him, who later moved to take up the seat after words of appreciation.

To my surprise, the old man retreated and to my horror, an equally old woman has taken up the seat.

I could have told the old woman off but the seat is reserved for all elderly and the people in need. Though I have given up my seat to the old man, I do not own the seat, the old lady has an equal chance to sit as the old man, and so I let the old woman sit as she wishes.

I think in the crowded MRT trains, many passengers are in a TOTO mood. They will stand in front of the seated passengers, wishing their "stakes" on them, akin to TOTO stakes would pay off with these seated passengers alighting fast and giving up the seats to them.

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