Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Reckless Taxi Driver

It was a long long time since I last took a cab.. I mean I took a cab today. A cab is a taxi in Singapore's context.

The driver was a middle-aged driver. From the moment I stepped into the cab with my father and wife, we had an adrenalin rush uncalled for.

I mean the old uncle thought he is a lao hero, keep winding up and chasing the road with other young punks and drivers. Finally I could not take it and hence to stop the journey short. At the same time, I could not stand the putrid smell emanating in his taxi, I am not car sick, I am sick-car sick.

The driver and his taxi was sick. He was a reckless driver. I did the right thing by asking him to stop earlier. I am clever enough not to comment on his driving because the lives of us were in his hands. Imagine if he were to turn mad at my comments that he should have drive more cautiously, he would say "How dare you comment on my driving" and then he would zig-zagged his car like Inital D or did a F1 through Singapore, at the risk of our lives!

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