Monday, November 08, 2010

Redeveloping Bedok

I read in today's news the plans to redevelop Bedok. Some iconic landmarks of Bedok will be torn down so as to be relocated and make way for new developments. Features to be torn down include the swimming complex, the stadium as well as some other food centres.

I have spent a large part of my life in Bedok. I agreed with the plans to redevelop Bedok so as to rejuvenate the town. Of late, I noticed that Bedok is ageing and seems to be a bit jaded.New facilities should be added into the town to attract the younger generation to live there.

Bedok is a great town, however I find that parts of the town do not seem to jive or blend well with one another. I hope that the redevelopments will make Bedok town a neater town.

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