Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Goals and November, once again

Today is November once again, just two more months and we will bid 2010 a Goodbye.
I still remember at the start of the year, I have laid out quite a number of resolutions to achieve for this year. I am glad that I have achieved some major milestones set and am also setting out new resolutions for the coming year. However there is one resolution that I have not managed to achieve for this year. In fact, I have not been able to succeed in this resolution for many years already.

For this resolution, I have done all my best but despites attempts and attempts, dogged preservance, I am still not able to attain. At this juncture in writing, I still recall that there is yet another goal I have not be able to achieve so far a goal that pertains to the aesthetics and physical appearance. I should not elaborate here, you should find out what I mean from the other blogs that I hold.

I really would like to achieve my other unachieved goals FAST as not doing so definitely have many implications. Battles after battles, it now comes to November, to be more practical, this unattainable goal has to be brought forward to next year. In the meantime, I have to carve out new goals which I have identified just some days ago.

I think it would be great for all to keep a record book detailing the years and what one has achieved, failed in each year. Life is too short for regrets, for procrastination; yet again, for many working people, coming back home everyday after long hours of work, they will rest for the coming day. It takes some struggle to sit awake and DO something constructive, of value to one’s life. It takes effort but if you do not start, when will you start?

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