Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas mood

Though now is mid November, I really have a Christmas mood and I bet you share with me this sentiment too.

Why is this so? First of all, the weather. It has been raining quite regularly these days, heralding in the Singapore’s unique “snowing” mood.

Secondly, the office. Many people are clearing leave, going on vacations and hence are not in the office. You too will be affected by the holidaying mood of these people and give yourself a holidays at work too.

Thirdly, the environment. Shopping centres are ushering Christmas with their decked-up design and decorations of Christmas; songs are belted out and there are discounts and discounts everywhere You soak in this sentiment and believe Christmas is also here too.

Anyway, Christmas will be here very very soon and so will the New Year and in a flash, Year 2011, a year when the Singapore General Elections will be held, will be with us soon.

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