Sunday, November 28, 2010

The First Step

The First Step to doing anything new and unfamilar is the most painful and something that many people will not try.

Many people have lofty dreams, have great goals but often, they stumble, failing to cross the First Step and they are always steeped in procrastination.

Procrastination is really the thief of time. While on one hand, many people procrastinate, they also always lack the courage to cross the very First Step towards what they want to do, their goals and dreams

Life passes really fast and after a heavy day of work, what one has left is only just a few hours of night time left. Having some rest, tomorrow comes once again!

Crossing the First Step towards doing a new mission, a new goals really takes courage because one is venturing into new terriority. I know the fear, that feeling of wanting to procrastinate because in my life, I have tried a couple of new endeavours here and then. It takes me quite a lot of hesitation, a lot of courage, like most men to take that first step, to cross that hurdle towards a new mission.

Only after crossing that First Step, do I really know that crossing that First Step towards any new endeavour is not that hard; by doing so, its really a battle half-won.

Waking up to this insight revisited once again, I expressed regret over the time lost as I now summon up my courage yet again towards crossing the First Step towards any important milestone of my life and then the momentum of achieving and Success shall sustain.

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