Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why I Blog less Frequent Nowadays?

I am sorry if loyal readers and followers of my blog noted that I have blogged less frequent nowadays. It is not that I am busy as with Passion of blogging, I will always make a point to blog no mattter how tired or busy I am.

The fact that I blog less frequent these days is due to the fact that I have learnt the limitation of Blogger. Due to the nature of this Free blogging platform, I agreed with a sucessful blogger that one day, one will wake up to see a blog that a blogger painstakingly sustains and nourish and creates to be one of the Best blog can be GONE in a flash.

That is why these days, I have been considering to self-host my blog so that my blog will not fall prey to disappearing.

Do Add Me on Facebook and you could still contact me whether or not my blog will to last before or beyond me.

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