Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Channel 8 The Score Wu HUa Guo

The current local drama series, The Score (Wu Hua Guo) which screens on Channel 8 at 9 pm has met a host of critics, criticizing the plot and the lambasting Mediacorp's clumsy attempt to copy such typical plot from its Hong Kong counterparts.

As opposed to all the critics, I believe the plot of Wu Hua Guo is quite alright. You can see that Mediacorp has taken some effort to produce a story with good plot. I cannot understand why many Singaporean TV show watchers would prefer plots which revolve around family affairs, bickerings, quarrelings, etc.

I happened to chance upon this show today and in today's plot, there is a quick summary of what the plot is all about, when the police CID held a meeting with the police management to brief on all its findings, I mean in the plot.

I think there is an element of "The Curse of the Golden Flower" in the score too as brother and sister fell into love, have some relationships to learn later of their true identity.

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