Friday, May 08, 2009

Mas Selamat Captured!

At this point of writing, the whole of Singapore and possibly the world has learnt that Singapore’s No.1 Chief Terrorist Officer, Mas Selamat has finally been caught!

Yesterday night, the news of Mas Selamat broke; however, Mas Selamat was really caught on 1 Apr 09 in Malaysia. The fact that Mas Selamat was caught on April Fool Day was probably the reason the authorities did not announce to all and sundry else it would have been taken as an April Fool’s Day joke … just joking. The real reason as told by Home Minister cum Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Wong Kan Seng was that some lead time is needed for operational purpose and for the safety of the person who has given police the lead in December last year, leading to the final capture of Mas Selamat!

Well, the person who provided the tip for Singapore’s biggest notorious local export to Malaysia, Indonesia and world at large, could have been handsomely paid, bearing in mind that slightly more than $1 million bounty was the reward given to anyone for any information which would lead to the terrorist chief’s capture.

In my personal opinion, the current economic global meltdown might have helped Singapore to capture Mas Selamat. I have little doubt that the person who has given police the tip-off might be someone who knows Mas Selamat’s whereabout: a confidante of Mas Selamat as Mas Selamat is indeed one of the world’s greatest escape artist: could he been seen that easily by others? The person who gave the tip-off might be retrenched or experienced a wage cut and he might have betrayed his close friend just to continue putting that bowl of rice on his table (now that he can put bowls of shark fin).. all these are just my wild claims.

Once Mas Selamat is returned to Singapore, I would like to hear what Mas Selamat has to say on his escape from the tightly-guarded Whitley Detention Centre toilet in a matter of 11 minutes, as told by the officers there. Was that really the case? I hope what Mas Selamat said tallies largely with the information Singaporeans has been given, else it would have been largely disappointing that the authorities has make a wrong deduction about Mas Selamat’s modus operandi.

If that was really the case, I wonder whether Mas Selamat would be ‘invited’ to demonstrate his ‘David Copperfield’ act, to show Singapore and the world that it is indeed 11 minutes, the time for him to make his escape from that now infamous toilet. It would be funny if Mas Selamat re-enacted the whole scene and then the timing becomes an hour or more. Mas Selamat may then have said: “Last time, I was escaping, it is a matter of escape or capture forever and thus it was 11 minutes, but now I am captured, ‘mati’ (die) liao, thus timing more la”. Anyway we are not trying to break the national record of escaping from a tightly controlled toilet here. If Mas Selamat cannot prove to the authorities it is indeed 11 minutes, Singapore will have to accept the fastest time and national record to break free from a tightly controlled toilet will remain at 11 minutes…. 11 minutes will be immortalised as the fastest escape time from a tightly controlled toilet by a terrorist in Singapore, or maybe the world?

When I read some of the news about Mas Selamat, I realised why he is Singapore No. 1 Chief Terrorist Officer. The news revealed that after Mas Selamat escaped, he made something floatable to take him to Malaysia. In such a short span of time, and understanding that that floating thing must be some bundles of leaves, woods, etc, Mas Selamat still managed to ‘float’ his way to Malaysia despites thousands of Singapore armed forces flushing him down in the island and the stepped up patrols at our borders; herein Mas Selamat have given the rubber ducks floating along the Singapore River a run for money!

Singaporeans heaved a sigh of relief with the capture of Mas Selamat and I believe Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng and his men at the Home Ministry would also at least feel relieved for Deputy Prime Minister Wong and his men have been criticised by some Singaporeans for allowing Mas Selamat to escape from a detention centre which is under constant heavy surveillance. Now at least, some damage control is done.

On a more serious note, Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng cautioned Singaporeans not to reduce their vigilance for there are still a number of terrorists lurking around in the world, who aim to unleash damage to Singapore and the world at large.

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