Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shenton Publications: Singapore’s solution to Good, Cheap and NEW books!

Just a week ago, the Sunday Times featured an article on the places Singaporeans could turn to for GREAT places offering unbeatable offers. One of such places mentioned in the article caught my attention: Shenton Publications. According to the article, Shenton Publications, which opens (for now) from Sunday to Wednesday, 12pm to 6pm, offers so much discounts on brand-new titles that the owner of the business were questioned whether they were selling pirated books (and the answer is a resounding ‘No’).

With books originally selling at $20 in those upmarket bookshops sold at just $9 only in Shenton Publications, being a book lover, I was filled with a sense of curiosity and excitement to get to Shenton Publications to check it out and today, here we went, My Dear and I to Shenton Publications to check it out! Such Great treats for Singaporeans can only occur at warehouses and without a doubt, Shenton Publications was situated in an industrial spot: Blk 1085 #03-086 Eunos Tech Park, Eunos Avenue 7A. To get to Shenton Publications, it was not difficult just that on a bright sunny day like today, one has to brave the elements of the mighty sun. Here is the directions to Shenton Publications, alight off at Paya Lebar MRT stations and just walk in the direction, the pavement where the Singapore Post Centre is situated and keep walking, you will see the first signs of industrial buildings (those brown coloured buildings in the picture).

Just keep walking and you will see, like what my Dear and I did, the tallest building located at the end of the street. Yes, this block is Block 1085, the blue tall building. Give yourself a pat on the back for coming that far (not that far actually, just 10 minutes of walk from Paya Lebar MRT station).

Shenton Publications is on the third storey, which means that my Dear and I have to climb to the third storey. As soon as we reached the staircases, we were ‘welcomed’ with a dazzling display of shirts, trousers, pants and even underwears, obviously belonging to the foreign workers on display here! It was no big deal actually because this is an industrial place, sights of half-naked Indian workers (ya we saw one), big howling dogs which look more like wolves staring at us menacingly (ya we met some too), some forms of drilling, hammering and machinating are common.
We reached the third storey and after crossing a long balcony, we reached Shenton Publications!

There was an executive in the shop, who welcomed us warmly! He gave my Dear and I a complimentary book each (see picture below) and explained to us that more titles would come in (to the shop) middle of next month as the Sunday Times article came a bit too early and there were still truckloads of GREAT books and new titles residing in the unopened packages in the warehouses here and in Jurong. The executive answered to my query that the shop was seeing so many booklovers this week after the Sunday Times article!

My Dear and I were impressed with the Great and homely customer service of the executive and soon we were browsing through the many titles in the store. To be frank, the number of titles are, understandingly, at this beginning stage of the shop’s operations, not many; but the titles are truly new, impressive and selling at unbeatable prices. My Dear and I would come back for more next month. More booklovers streamed in as we were browsing the book. I am happy that Singaporeans including my Dear and I now have an excellent repository to purchase Great books!

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