Saturday, May 09, 2009

Raffles Xchange

I have apprehension Singapore can continue to be a shoppers’ paradise.

Just look at this picture of Raffles Xchange which I took today: Saturday cum Public Holiday (Vesak Day).

Raffles Xchange was like a ghost town with all shops closed and hardly anyone in sight.

It could be pardonable if the time I took the photo was 11pm, it was also pardonable if the time the photo was taken was 10 pm.

But guess what time this photo was taken?

The answer: 8.30 pm!

Singapore really needs to open its shopping centres and districts till the wee hours like what Hong Kong and Taiwan does, else its reputation as a shopping paradise will ebb.

If the authorities cannot open the shopping malls till late everyday, at least open them till 12 am on weekends and public holidays.

I am angered whenever I miss the late train at 11.20 pm on weekdays and weekends. Too early for the last departure of the train, I think!

Singapore’s nightlife is vibrant only in the clubbing, pubbing, whoring and late night eating districts.. but in the arena of shopping, Singapore still has tons to play catch-up with its regional counterparts.

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Dutchie said...

It's very mind-numbing to manage a shop from 0900 to midnite everyday of the week, u know ! I had my share when earning extra pocket money during the school holidays.

On another note, shops here just extended their opening hrs from 0930 - 1730 to 0800 to 2000. We modelled it to our nordic neighbours, who discovered after a year that it didnt bring in extra sales with longer hours. It cost on the hand, more utilities bills, personnel's salaries n it's a magnet for robberies bec of the quiet late hours.

I believe there r ample time for people to shop no matter their shift-related hours. U can discipline urself to shop within the time set for business.

A 24/7 economy is unhealthy. When will u find the time to reflect ? For those who runs the bizz, I'm sure they r glad for normal hours n to get back home to their families at a decent hour to live life as it was intended.

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