Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mas Selamat Burger

Mas Selamat, as the news reported, even sold burgers in the part of Malaysia where he was hiding to eke out a living.

I wonder what kind of burgers Mas Selamat sold? Were the burgers made up of human meat (instead of the usual chicken patty), peppered with blood (instead of the usual tomato sauce) and wrapped with paper sheets plastered with the now (in)famous pictures of Mas Selamat distributed to the whole of Singapore after his escape?

I would definitely not try such a disgusting burger!

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Dutchie said...

Almost half a century old n what has he achieved in his life ?

Colleagues of mine were saying that evil men who disrupts our orderly societies to boost their ego's should be quartered n fed to the crocs bec a dismembered body in their beliefs will not paved the way into paradise where the promised 72 maidens will be waiting for them - hah, what a load of baloney anyway. Their body n soul will rot on earth n go nowhere else ! Only a simpleton would believe in it in the first place, eh ?

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