Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liu Guo Dong and Ms Lee Bee Wah: Singapore needs more Lee Bee Wahs!

Following Singapore Table Tennis Association’s (STTA) “no endorsement” of Mr Liu Guo Dong, the former coach of the women’s table-tennis team which helped to end Singapore’s medal drought in the Olympics in 48 years by garnering a Silver medal in the Olympics last year for the “Coach of the year award”, there is now an online frenzy of petitions calling for Ms Lee Bee Wah, the STTA’s Chairperson to step down.

Netizens are up-in-arms over Ms Lee Bee Wah’s latest action; similarly Ms Lee Bee Wah’s past action of ordering Mr Liu to be sacked for neglecting his coachee, a member of the men’s table-tennis team by leaving him without a coach and playing alone in one of the Olympics table-tennis games last year has similarly raised hackles of netizens and Singaporeans.

But I am not angered at all by Ms Lee Bee Wah’s action. I believe Ms Lee Bee Wah, a member of Parliament for Nee Soon South constituency has act impartially and fairly. Critics of Ms Lee’s latest ‘no-endorsement’ should learn to appreciate the definition of ‘coaching’.

A coach is more than having the ability to deliver results; its about much more! One should do a check on the definition of ‘coach’; the best coach should not necessarily be someone who delivers outstanding results. STTA, colleagues and coachees of Mr Liu Guo Dong would best judge Mr Liu in his performance as a coach in this latest incident.

I admire Ms Lee Bee Wah for her bold and unconventional leadership among the members of Parliament. She may be criticized by the lack of tack and her seemingly ‘rudeness’; but after all, I find her actions to be guided by integrity and sincerity. She is not afraid to speak her mind, is able to defend her actions and comes across as approachable. Singapore needs more leaders like Lee Bee Wah! We do not necessarily need another President or PSC scholar as our member of parliament. We need a diverse array of leaders for Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Ms then should come out and clarify her comments...period.
What ever her style being gracious is certainly not one her virtues.
Firing off and overeating to situations are not the type of leaders that we want neither in a sports association or in parliament.
This is at least the 2nd time that she have over reacted in public.

Anonymous said...

LBW's lack of relevant experience and rush to judgement brings Singapore's politics to possible acquisitive light. She has questioned LGD's integrity while stating the Gao Ning had nothing to do with her decisions. A similar unsubstantiated attack on a member of the government would see the claimant in court.

The decision not to consider LGD for couch of the year was reported as a political issue by some foreign press. This is the second time LBW has put Singapore in an unfavorable light. If that is your role model for a public figure, so be it, but remember, we live in a fishbowl.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Anonymous (841am), you mean coach of the year or couch of the year? Can you explain more the metaphor of fishbowl? cos uncle cannot get it leh...

Hi Anonymous (0132am) I like Ms Lee Bee Wah for being very frank and act herself in public.

Anonymous said...

Lee bee wah must be pleased with you trying so hard to make her look good. Singapore practice and operates on meritocracy, period. Results is the key and overwhelming count. The whole goverment system and everything here is on this basis. WAKE UP that is the system Lee Bee Wah subscribes to being an MP. Liu Guo Dong has enough merit for it. The coach of the year award is also about meritocracy not others so he fits the criteria. Please keep your definition because the coach of the year definition here does not define that. LBW makes her "own criteria" and did not normiate a man that fits the critria for coach of the year. If there is a LBW award, she can make her own criteria.

Worst of all, no evidence to support her remarks.

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