Monday, May 11, 2009

Sleep Singaporeans

Sleep is something I believe Singaporeans should do (more often).
Singaporeans are really busy people, especially the young executives who have to juggle the demands of life in this high-paced, (quite) stressful society, where if you are not 'fast' enough, you will be definitely outmoded by the society!
The quality of sleep hinges on the quality of the bed. I was in Courts just some weeks ago and have the chance to lie (lightly) on some of these premier beds, costing $800 to $1 K.
Wow, you should have tried those beds, fit for a King! Its really such a luxury! If your room is air-conditioned and have this bed, go home, eat your dinner, read your news, watch some TV, play your kids, then pamper yourself with this bed!

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Dutchie said...

R they made with high spiral springs or filled with something soft ?

If u ever had the chance, try out a water bed - it's truly great bec it rolls with every moment that u make ! It cost between 4 to 10,000 euro here. In the winter, the water r warmed up to enable sleep in an instant. Beds r usually cold as ice unless we heated it up one way or another.

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