Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Eco Insulation

Singaporeans live in a hot and humid country, where the sun embraces us at all hours. It can be unbearably hot especially in the afternoons and the hot and humid climate has prompted many Singaporeans to install air-conditioners both at work and at home.

Singapore is talking about eco-offices, eco-offices, all buzzwords relating to environment friendly and energy-efficient features of homes and offices. One way Singaporeans can look at is investing in Bubble Insulation. Such foil insulation will be a boon to Singaporeans in alleviating the unbearable heat as it reflects the radiant heat away. This will translates to a lesser use of the air-conditioners and ultimately results in a smaller energy bills. What’s more, foil insulation is affordable and is within the budgets of many households and offices. The ease of installation of foil insulation in many places will just add on the icing of the cake. Go Eco Singapore, Go Eco insulation: Foil insulation!

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