Monday, May 18, 2009

Rojak Geylang Serai in Geylang Serai Temporary Hawker Centre: A Revisit

Yesterday, my Dear and I happened to come across the now (in)famous Geylang Serai Temporary Hawker Centre on our way to Eunos MRT Station.

Geylang Serai Temporary Hawker Centre is a market that is now well-known to Singaporeans and maybe some of our overseas counterparts for the wrong reason. The reason was that this temporary hawker centre was where the now (in)famous “Rojak Geylang Serai” stall was housed. It was just some weeks ago when the stall hogged the headlines of major national newspapers here due to the terrible Indian Rojak mass food poisoning, which caused the death of a woman, a miscarriage of another and many others ill from the poisoning.

For those who want to know where this hawker centre was located, it is located not far off from Paya Lebar MRT station; walk from Paya Lebar MRT station towards Eunos MRT station and you could see this distinct temporary hawker centre after 5 minutes of walk.

As we approached the hawker centre, we could see that some hygiene initiatives were implemented in the centre such as the presence of hand sanitizers on the washing basins. We entered the temporary hawker centre shortly and we could see that its business was brisk, but may be not as much as before.

As expected, the stall “Rojak Geylang Serai” was closed; its owner is now busy waiting for the lawsuit against him to commence. Besides the closed stall, everything in the temporary hawker centre looks normal and everything seems to return to normalcy here.

Following the mass food poisoning, there was an intensive and massive cleanup at the temporary hawker centre which yielded more than 122 rats. The massive cleanup seemed like an ‘exodus’ after which the ghost of the morbid incident seems to be subdued.


Poets' Design said...

What is the best food in Rojak Geylang Serai?
Can you give me the information?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Poets' Design,

Rojak Geylang Serai sells only Indian Rojak.

I believe you are asking me which stall sells the best food in Geylang Serai Temporary Hawker Centre.

Regarding this, I am sorry I do not know as have not tried the food there..

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