Sunday, May 03, 2009

Giant Indian Murtabak (mutabak)!

I Love to eat Giant Indian Murtabak!

Oh....... yummy! Only $5 for such a heavenly treat!

It is also good to eat Murtabak with some of other Great food such as this Indonesian Chicken Rice (Indonesia Ayam)!

There are lots of goodies and yummies to treat our stomach in little Singapore!


Dutchie said...

The murtabak got meat fillings or not ? Cant see it from ur pix. Good that they r cut into bit pieces for easy consumption. In the past, one has to tear it with a fork - my hubby actually broke 2 while he was trying to tackle the stretchy pastry - haha.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya, Dutchie, got meating fillings.

Wow, I will be shocked if the fork your husband used is made of metal!

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