Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Romancing Singapore

The Prime Minister of Singapore as well as the various ministers here have been encouraging Singaporeans to give birth, i.e procreate.

Procreation of Singaporeans, once again find itself on the top of the national agenda as Singapore’s birth rate seems to be tapering off, falling below the natural replacement rate.

So, Singaporeans must procreate else a declining population will spell social and economic problems in future to come.

When it comes to procreation, the natural chain of events which culminate in procreation is dating, marriage and then procreation. It is encouraging that the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports is liberalizing the dating industry locally so that there are more dating agencies in Singapore offering a whale of a dating service to Singaporeans.

Single Singaporeans should have more opportunities to mingle with the single members of the opposite sex so that the probability of meeting his or her soul mate will be greatly increased! Dating is often, for most people, the first step to meeting someone special, someone who shares the same chemistry with you and whom you could walk the aisle together. The government’s move to liberalize and diversify the dating industry and scene in Singapore is a good move to boost marriage and ultimately, procreation.

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