Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spiritual Singapore

Its so easy to lose oneself in Singapore! By that, I do not mean to be lost physically. What I mean is that with the punishing pace of the local work culture, the escalating pulse of city life, the perennial lure of the hedonistic treadmill and the endless search for a worklife balance, day morphs into nights easily, days grew into weeks rapidly and soon one year will be gone in a flash! At this juncture, one will rue over the passage of time and a question will soon loom in his mind: “What have I achieved?”

To those Singaporeans who have achieved what you want in life, Good for you! Now for those like me, who are on our way to achieving our definitions of success, I believe the imperative is on us to remove the barriers to our success.

So what are these barriers to success? In my humble opinion, these barriers boil down to what I called daily distractions. There are just so many distractions emanating from all sources of city life, which deflect us on our journey towards our set goals. What one requires is focus and a dose of good health, twin basic ingredients for Success!

Now the crux is: we meet with so many unreasonable, unfriendly people everyday, eat so much MSG-laden food, experience the lure of the hedonistic, meet with evil people playing the all-too familiar office politics…. we try to focus but undeniably we are still distracted and affected by all these!

At this juncture, I believe on the importance of letting one’s soul FREE. Let your soul discharge, be free on weekends the only two days when most of us can really rest. We see lots of people on our working days, what’s worse to go to the city and downtown areas every weekend to jostle with the maddening crowd, to be dazed by the throngs of people, to wait for that coveted seat in food centres and lastly to be MAD! (and hence the vicious cycle continues!)

Thus on weekends, we should let our hair down, be away from the maddening crowds, be with your true self and soul, listen to your soul’s deepest and truest rhythms…. I will share with you folks on what I do to reinvigorate my soul in my next posts. And the journey begins from here (as shown in the picture below):

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