Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eat with your family day 2009

Tomorrow, all the civil and public servants of Singapore will be allowed to leave office an hour earlier to eat with their family!
This "Eat with your family Day" is a yearly affair but I doubt how many of the public and civil servants will really obey this "instructions" from the government to eat with their family.

For some offices whose normal hours on Fridays end at 5 pm, then an hour earlier to go home will translate to 4pm, hmm it may be too early for dinner still.

But assuming, if someone is to leave office at 4pm, reach home at 5pm, go to sleep and then eats with his family at 8pm, it is still "eating with family" rite?
Anyway, public sector's work life balance is excellent so much so that 56% of people working in the private sectors, as according to a report, consider a career in public sector.

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