Sunday, May 31, 2009

Asian Youth Games, Singapore 2009

Asian Youth Games, Singapore 2009 will be here just in a month's time! (commencing 29 Jun 09) but somehow I find that there is not much buzz about the games on the ground.
Singaporeans may have forgotten the games on the back of the global economic meltdown as well as the current H1N1 flu virus situation.
There's ought to be more publicity about the games NOW, if not NOW then when?
However, I believe in two weeks time, the momentum towards the games will be gathering steam, engines will be revving up and Singapore will once again host a successful regional sporting event!
The Asian Youth Games will also be a 'test bed' for Singapore's bid of the Youth Olympics next year! Lessons will be gleaned from Asian Youth Games which will proved to be valuable to the Youth Olympics though the latter is a game on a much larger scale.

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