Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Star Awards 2010

The annual Star Awards 2010 organized by Mediacorp Singapore will be held this Sunday. This annual event gives recognition to top artistes who have performed well over the last one year with its many prizes for grabs including Best Actor/Actress, most popular male/female artistes among others. So what has the awards to do with me? Absolutely no relationship at all. I will just watch and enjoy the show but on watching,you will discover that the Star Awards is just like a microcosm of the daily realities of our real world!

If you are a regular fan of local TV, you will be surprised why some veteran artistes with good acting skills do not win any awards at all before, in their lives! Good actor like Zhu Ho Ren whose acting skills are outstanding did not even win a prize before which is rather surprising. Rather, we have young male artiste like Elvin Ng, Dai Yang Tian entering into Showbiz and clinching or sweeping these coveted prizes easily, much to the ire of some critics who lambasted the duo for their lacklustre performances.

In real life, the reality is the same. We have President scholars, Scholars and non-scholars in the civil service and some other scholars in the private sector . We also have employees who are bosses' favorites and some whose employers just cannot stand them despites them producing good results! The world is just like that, if you are a 'Farmer', you may not reap what you sow, or only reap what you sow after decades!

Looking at the crop of the male artistes who are nominated for the Best male actor, my analogy will be like this: Brandon Wong is like the farmer, Dai Tian Yang is like the new President Scholar, Elvin Ng is like the new government overseas scholar, Tay Ping Hui is like the old government local scholar (though he has no luck since entering showbiz in 1997, he still is quite popular and one of the leading men in Mediacorp). The last actor, Chen Hanwei is also like a local scholar (he is one of the finalists in Star Search 1988) and is a successful one since he has won a number of Best Actor Award before!

Just a disclaimer, my analogy of scholar to the five nominees are based on their career path, nothing bad to say on the governmnet. And for the Best actress, my bet will either be Hong Huifang who is analgous to a farmer or Jeanette Aw (analgous to a overseas scholar).

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