Monday, April 19, 2010


Computers are a boon to humans. But sometimes, I wonder whether it would be a good idea to revert back to the past when there are no computers and internet.

Facing the computer for more than 8 hours every working day is certainly no joke. Coming home, like many others, I would
still switch on the computer and the internet and clear my arrays of emails, check for the latest news and happenings on my favorite blogs as well as engaging in my favorite activity of blogging.

I think the eye is the most utlized organ for modern man. We strain our eyes looking at the computer for so many hours a day, yet we do not usually care about our eyes and on the converse, coming to the realization that our myopia is getting more and more severe each day.

Nowadays, I try to keep a healthy balance of my time with computers. Putting in less hourers online, one can then revert back to real time tacile relationships and interaction with our family and friends. Social networking in this era is really a misnomer. Social networking is actually meeting people and interacting with them.

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