Saturday, April 10, 2010

Singapore Short Stories

Singapore Short Stories is currently undergoing a revamp of this website to better serve our readers.
With a growing readership base everyday, Singapore Short Stories is poised to capture the Best essence of the experience of living in Singapore and would like all readers to contribute your own life stories, or your encounters, big or small from living here on this lovely little red dot to be reflected right here on this Singapore No.1 blog on Singapore living.

Do Send all your stories to and I look forward to your kind support! Many Thanks!

At the same time, Singapore Short Stories has expanded its offerings to readers through partnering and instituting with the following blog partners to better serve all readers. Do give these blogs your fullest support too. These blogs are in no order of priority:

1) Singapore Hair Loss Support Group for all of you who are suffering from Hair Loss

2) Singapore Games for all of you who want a little fun out of life
3) Raffles Review : a blog which talks about sex, cars and topics of myriad interests
4) World Holiday Blog: a blog you need to check out before you plan for your next overseas tour!
5) Be a Millionaire: learn how to get out of the rat race towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
6) Singapore Investments: learn how to MAXIMISE returns from your investments!

7) Find a House in Singapore: Buy, sell your flat and learn ALL about the housing scence in Singapore!
As you can see SINGAPORE SHORT STORIES is a 8 in 1 blog about Living in Singapore!

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