Thursday, April 15, 2010


What comes to your mind when you heard the word 'Nirvana'? Immediately, a scene of calm, peace and serenity will come to you as Nirvana in Buddhism means the highest state of enlightment, which is the place for one who has cultivated his mind, body and soul to the highest realm. Thus Nirvana is obviously the place Buddist and followers of Buddhism would want to be.

In the Straits Times today, spread out on a large lavish sheet of the newspapers is an advertisement seeking interested buyers to invest in a 'property' of Nirvana. Wow! A place in Nirvana, who does not want a place in it even if one is to spend a few thousands dollars! Wait.. I consolidate my thoughts... to enter into Nirvana, one first have to transcend his or her present life form and I took a closer look at the advertisement: the advertisement is calling for those interested to buy a lot in Nirvana Memorial Garden Pte Ltd, a posh and luxurious columbarium!

Wow, it seems that it is not enough to be embroiled in the competition in Singapore to acquire a property for one's present life: flats, resales flat, condominiums, now is there going to be competition and investment for an afterlife property?

If you have been to Mandai Crematorium, you would be marvelled at the state-of-the art technology, well air-conditioned and squeakly clean environment there. The crematorium is almost like Changi Airport to bade (a final) farewell to your loved ones and friends

I had bade farewell to both my parental and maternal grandfather at the Mandai Crematorium. As the coffins containing their shrunken bodies were loaded and moved along with the conveyor belt, it seemed to all of us, their families, friends and relatives watching at the scene at an open-glass mini-auditorium above, luggages on the conveyor belt, entering into a check-in counter.....only then, that my grandfathers's destination was heaven and not an overseas destination.

As the coffins started to enter into the furnace, we watched the strong blaze of the merciless fire devouring the coffins hungrily. Hysterical cries soon flooded the mini-authorium as we bade a forever goodbye to our dear grandfathers!

Life is short, live life to the fullest. Ignore those who have sinned for the laws of Karma will catch up with them one day.

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