Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Housing Agents

From today onwards, I will share with you my interesting take on some of the occupations in Singapore. Let me start off today with the work of a Housing agent as Housing property news from resale HDB flat to overpriced private properties in Singapore is the rage these days!

Mr Li is a housing agent or you can also call him a property agent. He is busy every day of his working hours, day
and night, receeing new flats or resale flats with potential buyers.

Mr Li was a Army platoon commander while serving his National Service. He drew parrallels between what he is doing now as a career with his National Service Stint: " Back in National Service, I was busy leading a team, storming jungles and receeing for enemies. Now, everyday, I am busy leading a group of buyers, storming new flat, new property launces and new condominiums and receeing for the features of the new flat that are a plus to the buyers!"

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