Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Mice and Men

This is a post that I wish I do not want to post but enough seems to be enough!

These days, actually it was since quite a number of months ago, I have been noticing mouses, or should I say rats, making their presence felt in my neighbourhood. Often when I spotted them, it is not only during the nights but also during the days and they are often seem surrying from one drain hole to another, oblivious of the stares of other Singaporeans looking at them, often in disbelief.

The disbelief stems from the fact that one does not expect mouses or should I say rats to be found in a supposedly (nearing) first world country like Singapore! The presence of such rodents just speak volume on how much Singapore still has to go when it comes to getting rid of its streets free of rodents and pests.

I have never seen so many rats or mouses before in Singapore when I was young. I only know of that a rat is much bigger than a mouse from the tons of science textbooks during my primary school days which every student would need to gobble up. But now seeing so many rodents around in my estate, I am quite appalled and even before I try to put my theory into practice by trying to see how big the rodent is.. to determine whether it is a mouse or a rat, the creature just vanishes! These rats are so big that even the many cats nearby prefer not to do their due dilligence, turn a blind eye and not catch these creatures. Anyway, these stray cats in Singapore, particularly in my estate are a fortunate lot, being fed by cat lovers till they become like little lions (without a lion heart) and being so fearful of their evergreen nemesis now!

And just this afternoon, I see cockroaches, so many of them scurrying around my estate thus it is not just of mice and men, it is of cockroaches and men or of ants and men (so many red ants in the grasses these days)!

So what has gone wrong? Just some months ago, media spotlight is on rodent infestation during the height of the Geylang Serai rojak poisioning. And then now is silent, but there are still many rats around.

A holistic measure should be in place by the town council, working hand in hand with the relevant authorities to contain the situation. Just plain pest control is not necesary, one must really tackle the root of the problem, eradicate the source of these pests so as to reduce their numbers.

If these rodents, ants or cockroaches are not eliminated, it will just be sometime before the next wave of pest-related endemic comes into the fore! Anyway having said that, to contain this problem, the onus is on us: we should be more responsible in handling our food, disposing them properly into the litter bins and not having these waste food being found lying around in our estates!

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