Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Of Goals setting, Time Management and Financial Management

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All of us are very different from one another, in terms of character, appearance, mindset, qualifications, and wealth among other attributes. But what is common to all of us is the fact that each of us has only 24 hours a day.

I view 24 hours a day very limited
as I have quite a number of goals to achieve. With time as a premium, I treat each and every hour of my life very importantly and aim to maximize and optimize every second of my life towards my goals.

I have quite a number of commitments in life! However I am faced with a very limited amount of time which is 24 hours a day of which more than half are spent in work, commuting and sleep on every weekday, freeing only slightly more hours for my own disposal come weekends.

With this fact in mind, I have learnt the importance of prioritization. Steven Covey summed it all in essence: “First thing First” that means to do the most important things or work hard to achieve the things that matter to you the most FIRST!

When you prioritize, some things will get first in your priority while others less important will be relegated to the backburner. Prioritization involves weeding out unproductive things that hamper your goal towards success. There is a host of unproductive things that each of us does everyday and I am also guilty of doing some of these. Hence I have made up my mind long time ago to stop or give up engaging in activities that drains one of his or her precious time, time which could be better spent in doing activities towards one’s goals.

I believe success is inextricably linked to time management. If you set up some time endeavoring, trying, doing things that lead to your goals, you and I will achieve success one day!

Beside managing time, another part of our lives that needs our considered and judicious management will be that of our own personal finances.

When we are young, we do not care about our own finances, it is often when we are working that we start to find that expenditures soon become more than what we save. I have experienced it myself but this is not to say that I am a spendthrift. I am a saver but in life and especially in a high-paced society with such a high cost of living in Singapore, money will always be not enough. We need quite a substantial amount of money for marriage, for bringing up of our children, for the education of our children from kindergarten to university as well as for our own retirement needs.

On this note, many have resorted to investing, passive income and other methods of earning an income to supplement their basic taking-homes. The rationale is to make money work harder for you.

In a nutshell, time management and financial management are paramount in our lives. Underpinning these priorities is the need to stay healthy and hence we will need to find time to exercise and stay fit for life!

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