Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today is a physically and mentally exhaustive day for me. Coming back home to rest is really a heaven, though I may have little time to relax before hitting the bed. Anyway, memories of my lovely Hong Kong tour with my wife came flashing back to my mind! That was a year ago and it was our maiden overseas tour together and it was definitely very sweet and romantic as we explored almost the whole of Hong Kong within 5 days and 4 nights, covering so many places of interest in Hong Kong that really made our tour of Hong Kong a very comprehensive one.

From the moment we arrived
in Hong Kong, our tour of Hong Kong was a non-stop packed action with the visiting of places of interest, natural parks, shopping centres, delicacies tasting and amusement parks all packed tightly together. No doubt, we had so much fun but admittedly it was also tiring! We slept only a few hours each day, waking up early to start off to explore Hong Kong with its ‘tisums’ (Cantonese cakes and breakfast food), followed by a rash of train rides and bus journeys to our various places of interest!

Even till today, we were proud to discover Hong Kong with our self-made itinery. Actually for a country such as Hong Kong, one does not need a guided tour or a tour guide. At the very most when you book a hotel with your travel agent, you can just arrange for the hotel pickup from airport vice versa and let the rest of the sightseeing be carried out by yourself, just as what we did!

Last year, my wife and I also visited the lovely Hokkaido island of Japan and we had also a whale of our time there! It was a guided tour of the lovely natural island, but we spent a large bulk of our time there traveling in the coaches to tranverse from one part of the island to another. And with the tour being guided, to a certain extent, the fun and memories is a bit discounted as compared with a tour you chalked up with your loved ones. This is why when memories of my free and easy Hong Kong tour with my wife are always more poignant than our guide Hokkaido tours!

To read of our Hong Kong tour, please visit this

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Now I know why memories of Hong Kong came flooding back to me. I am tired, to a certain extent, tired of the rat race here……. I need a BREAK! Anyway it has been quite sometime since I explore the many places of interest in Singapore (as you can see from my blog that there have been a reduction in such outing posting). It is timely that I become a visitor to revisit my very own Singapore!

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